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By The Insects

The Living and the Dead

On 10, Nov 2015 | 6 Comments | In News | By The Insects

The Insects have been commissioned to write the score for the upcoming BBC One supernatural drama series “The Living and the Dead”.




  1. heard your track on radio four for the living and the dead , is it available?It caught my ear straight away…. thanks

  2. Loving the soundtrack for The Living and The Dead, which is unfortunately not mentioned on the BBC website. Any prospect of releasing it please.

  3. Are you guys responsible for the folk arrangements in the living and the dead? In love with the music in this show and desperately trying to find out where I could maybe purchase it.

  4. Just another question about the soundtrack for ‘the living and the dead’ – do you have plans to release it?

  5. Just wanted to say how evocative your music was and how it complimented the programme!

  6. Release it. Make money everybody loves the track!

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