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Recorded Works

The Insects have always been involved in album projects with other artists – as either writers, producers, arrangers, mixers or session players. These are some of the albums and tracks we have appeared on. Listen to tracks here.

DEVS Original Soundtrack. ‘Best Television Soundtrack’ winner at the 2021 Ivor Novello awards.Co-write with Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow.

Massive AttackKarma Coma from ‘Protection’ album.Co-write & sessions.

Kanye West. “Freestyle 4” From ‘Life of Pablo’ album. Co-write

Pablo 1

Madonna/Massive Attack “I want you”  from ‘Something to Remember’ album. Arrangement & sessions

Goldfrapp “Human”  from ‘Felt Mountain’ album. Co-write

Alison Moyet. “Hometime” album .Production & sessions

Tricky “Pumpkin” track from Maxinquaye album.Co-production.

Massive Attack “Euro Child” from Protection album.Co-write & sessions

“Hanna” Season 1 Sountrack album.Co-write with Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow.

The Flies. “All Too Human” album (Universal) Production, sessions and writing

‘The Living and the Dead” Soundtrack album.Writing.Production.Sessions

Alpha “The Impossible Thrill” album. Sessions

Massive Attack “Hunter gets captured by the game” from ‘Batman Forever’ album.Arrangement & sessions.


5 Billion in Diamonds “Gravity Rules”album. Mixing tracks.

The Flies. “Pleasure yourself” album. Writing and production.

Day One “Day One” album. Production. Sessions

MCraft “Come to my senses” single. Production

Startled Insects Life Pulse” album (Island Records)

Startled Insects Curse of the Pheremones” album (Island Records)

Startled Insects “Black Spring” from ‘Underworld’ EP (Antenna Records)

Startled Insects Overzoom” EP (Antenna Records)