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By The Insects

On 13, Dec 2013 | No Comments | In | By The Insects


This is the opening Titles sequence from Austin Chicks’ directorial debut  “XX XY”, featuring a young Mark Ruffalo. The film is a New York indie naturalistic ‘rites of passage’ movie  – with the tag line “There’s no room for honesty in a healthy relationship”.

The featured song “La soleil et revenu” was co-written by the Insects and Alison Moyet. It has a certain ‘joie de vivre’ quality which ironically juxtaposes with the grittier realism of the movie.

XX XY new

Given the naturalism of the movie, Austin didn’t want us to score the movie in a conventional sense – the brief was simply to provide a number of tracks which ‘fitted’ certain scenes. Most of the tracks play within the context of the movie, as background to parties, restaurants, bars, apartments.

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