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By The Insects

On 25, Feb 2020 | No Comments | In | By The Insects


DEVS is the brain-child of writer and director Alex Garland. It has been described as a ‘tech thriller’, but this does not do justice to this brilliant & fabulously multi-layered 8 part series for FX/Hulu. It pretty much re-defines what can be achieved within the ‘thriller’ format.

This was another of our collaborative projects with composers Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow and Suvie Evaaikas.

“Overlaying all of this is a chilling, almost religious score from Ben Salisbury, The Insects and Geoff Barrow – harsh woodwinds and echoey chants that feel culled from around the world.”      Slashfilm

“..and the haunting score (Ben Salisbury, Geoff Barrow, and The Insects) provide much chilly ambience, mood, and transfixing atmosphere to the emotional climaxes and revelations.”      The Playlist

“And if Pill won’t haunt your dreams, the series’ rumbling score — crafted in collaboration among Ben Salisbury, The Insects, and Geoff Barrow — certainly will. There are occasional echoes of other people’s work in there (some of the loud stings recall Hans Zimmer’s compositions for Inception), but most of it sounds and feels completely alien, the better to illustrate how rapidly Forest and his collaborators are trying to depart from the rules of the known world. Garland uses their soundscapes to spectacular effect throughout, but particularly to accompany the occasional action set pieces, like a brutal, slow-motion fight between two ageing spies who are keenly aware one of them won’t survive.”      Rolling Stone

“It’s all wrapped up in a musical composition — the duo known as The Insects, with Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow — that’s sometimes sumptuous and sometimes absorbed in the almost industrial ambience of the soundscape. It’s all pure Garland and a reminder that auteurism is a team sport.”    Hollywood Reporter

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“This is where you say goodbye”





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