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By The Insects

On 09, May 2017 | In | By The Insects

Becoming Cary Grant

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A wonderful new film from Mark Kidel about Bristol-born Hollywood icon Cary Grant, featuring a soundtrack from The Insects and Adrian Utley(Portishead).

The film had its World Premiere at the Cannes film festival 2017.

Using words and insights from his unpublished autobiography and newly discovered personal footage, BECOMING CARY GRANT unveils the intimate story of Archie Leach, the man behind the mask of the beloved and charming Hollywood legend known as Cary Grant. From his difficult childhood without his mother, through his 30 years of stardom, to the joys of his later years as a father, the film uncovers a side of Grant never seen by the public. BECOMING CARY GRANT plumbs the depths of Grant’s insecurities and reveals his unique journey of self-exploration through recounts of his probing LSD therapy sessions. The 85-minute documentary features a treasure trove of extracts from Grant’s films and exclusive interviews with his close friends about his troubled past.

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